From Our Farm to Your Table

Pasture-raised foods delivered to your neighborhood

Welcome! You're right where your suppose to be.

We love to share with you our hard work and dedication:

  • 1. Our animals are born and raised right here on our farm with two exceptions, the american bison and some of the baby poultry. 
  • (Bison is born and raised a half mile down the road by a neighbor who is set up with fences for bison.)(Poultry chicks are purchased from hatcheries and raised on the farm.)
  • 2. Our feed for our animals is mainly raised on our farm, some is purchased through local mills, all feed is GMO free. Our farm has been chemical free since 2004.
  • 3. When you purchase from Woodbridge Dairy Farm. YOU support us as a small local farm and a family. YOUR money stays in this community. Thank YOU!

It's that simple. Go give it a try!